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    BERRIMA Court House

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    BERRIMA campground

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Berrima is widely recognised today as the best preserved example of a
Georgian village on the Australian mainland.


Meet Half-way, Stay All Day (Or Longer)

Berrima is within easy driving distance from major population centres.
Friends meet at Berrima for lunch or dinner, wander around the village and enjoy its
many delights, perhaps stay overnight and explore the wineries, or maybe just relax.

Distances and times are:

Sydney 125 km 80 min
Canberra 162 km 100 min
Wollongong 82km 50 min

EVENTS                 2015 Carpathon

                               Opening of the Berrima River Walk

                               Berrima Heritage Weekend

                               Camera on Gallipoli Display

                               Berrima Schoolyard Markets

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