Design Your Home Spa Inspired By Japanese Culture


You will never forget a trip to a Japanese Spa. Japanese culture revolves around bathing. There is nothing like a hot soak in a beautiful spa, with tranquil scents and gorgeous decor, to relax you.

Japanese spas do not exist outside of Japan. The popularity of Turkish Hammams and Swedish saunas has spread throughout the world. However, the Onsen is largely unknown outside Hokkaido.

If you’re still thinking about your Japan cruise and would like to bring a little bit of that fascinating culture into your home, then here are some ideas for creating your Japanese home spa.

An Onsen Bath

The Onsen is the main attraction of any Japanese spa. The natural or artificial hot springs offer a unique Japanese spa experience. They combine heat, relaxation, and natural minerals. You can create a hot spring in your own home with an Ofuro soak tub, natural body scrubs, and Onsen salts. Incense will complete the atmosphere.

Cleaning and Soaking Areas

In a proper Japanese spa or bathroom, the areas for relaxation and treatment are separated from the areas for cleaning. If you don’t have the space to separate your areas, then you should have a shower with floor drainage to get squeaky clean (and a wooden bucket to complete it). You can also have a bathtub for soaking.

Neutral Colors

Japanese spas have a minimalistic design and a neutral color palette. They also exude luxury and calmness. Avoid high-gloss fixtures and shiny metal fittings. Instead, use earthy tones like browns, greens, and other earthy colors for the walls and flooring. The palette should include bathrobes, hand towels, floor mats, and bathrobes.

Lots of Light

The Japanese spa is about bringing nature inside. This includes natural light. Make sure that your spa is filled with natural light. It could be a large window or skylight that allows you to see the sky. Avoid the harsh glare from direct lighting by using recessed bulbs if you don’t have enough natural light in your bathroom.

Separate Toilet

Japanese bathrooms and spas separate the bathroom from the toilet in the same way they do when it comes to cleaning and relaxation. It helps to preserve the calm and purity of the bathroom by removing the natural but less spa-like bodily functions. If you want to create a Japanese spa, avoid a toilet. Instead, opt for a separate bathroom with a flushing toilet and a basin.

Accessorize with Wood and Nature

Japanese spas, as mentioned above, are all about natural touches. To create the perfect Japanese spa, you will need the right accessories. The key is natural wood and plants. Start with a wooden bath stool or a Hinoki bath mat. They have a wonderful, natural, woodsy scent and are microbially beneficial. As an alternative, you can use a few small plants, such as bonsai or ferns. You can also add smooth river stones and bamboo.

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